See-Saw Battle Broke In Third

Tonight’s game started out like a see-saw battle. Lloydminster Bobcats was first to light up the score clock with just minutes left in the first. #27 Frederic Tanguay finally tied it up after getting the puck from #4 Tyler Hart and #12 Mason Malkowich just minutes after the second period got under way. Next goal was scored by Lloydminster again making it 2-1. Then Thunder battled back with back-to-back goals. First goal was by #20 Nathan Smith and the second by #27 Frederic Tanguay both of which were assisted by #21 Eric Sieben. Lloydminster came back one more time making it 3-3.
The third period was a different story though; our Drayton Thunder put it into second gears and left the Bobcats in the dust. The first goal was set up by #8 Anthony Kapelke and #16 Ty Bettac so that #18 Jordan Baillie could score a beauty. Next goal came when #25 Luke Madill sent a saucer pass up the #11 Ross Heidt who then kicked into high gear and leaving Lloyd’s d-men trailing way behind. Once Ross got within range of Lloyd’s net, he whipped a bullet past #35 Chase Martin making it 5-3. With only minutes left in the game, Lloydminster’s coach pulled their goalie but the extra attacker did not phase Thunder. At first, #21 Eric Sieben was being hounded pretty good by a Bobcat, but he managed to deek around his man, just in time so that #3 Austin Yadlowski could slip the puck through the crowd up to him. Eric battled his way down the ice through sticks constantly hacking at him. Then he quickly wheeled around the two defensemen slipping the puck into the empty net on his way by. This topped the night off with a 6-3 win for Thunder. Once the cheering died down a bit, #27 Frederic Tanguay name could be heard as the Home Star for his pair of goals as well as his non-stop effort throughout the game. Bon jeu Frederic! Looking forward to seeing the same tomorrow night when Thunder takes on Lloydminster Bobcats one last time in this season. Thunder fans, be sure to come on out tomorrow night and bring a friend so they too can experience fantastic hockey. Cheer Thunder on as the playoffs are just around the corner and while you are at the game, track down Andrea to have your name added to the list for the Thunder’s second last game of the season on February 22. Everyone on the list is going to have a wicked time on the fan bus as it heads up to Whitecourt to watch Thunder take on the Wolverines. This road trip will be the cheapest you will ever pay for an AJHL game: $10 for adults and $5 for children. Avoid the disappointment and get your tickets tomorrow as they are going quick. If you can’t make it to the game tomorrow night, call Andrea at 780-542-7845. You will have a blast. See you there!