Madill Makes Headlines Again

Last game against the Lloydminster Bobcats didn’t have the same results as the first one in the 4-0 loss but, it did have the end result of #25 Luke Madill being named the Home Star. It didn’t seem to matter how hard Thunder tried, nothing went their way–a puck being disallowed as a goal due to a net being called off before the puck went in and this was something several fans above would beg to differ or players being called offside when fans judged it to be the opposite. But that is the way the ball bounces or rather the puck bounces and it sure did a lot of that and never in our favor. Here’s hoping that when the boys take off to Grande Prairie on Tuesday February 19 for their next game that they bring home two points and the Goalie Gods work in our favor this time and then again on February 22 when the fan bus slides into Whitecourt to take on the Wolverine. Andrea still has a few seats left so make sure you call her at 780-542-7845 so you can join in on the excitement. Adults tickets are $10 and children $5 and that includes transportation. For those who are not able to join due to work or other conflicts, you can enjoy the Thunder albums that have posted on the team website under Media Center. You will find six new ones to view. Again, congrats to Luke for being the star for the last game.