Basketball Kings

The Drayton Valley Thunder on Wednesday evening took part in the first annual Knights of Columbus basketball free throw shooting competition at St. Anthony Junior High School. It was the first time the event had run in over 5 years, turning a new page for the K of C. 

The evening was full of laughs and fun for the kids aged 11-14. With over 30 participants in the competition, it made for great entertainment. 

The Thunder were a part of this great event by being judges of the competition to allow for fair play and to help award the winners of each age category. The boys also became in charge of the “Ice Cream Saloon”, in which kids (including our boys) indulged into a large cup of ice cream with toppings. 

After the competition was over, the boys played a short game of 3 on 3 with some of the local Junior High boys. The Thunder were handed a 12-5 loss. 

The Drayton Valley Thunder would like to thank the Knights of Columbus organization, as well as St. Anthony Junior High for hosting the Thunder and this great event. See you next year!