Waronek Hits The 100 Marker.

As #22 Jeff Waronek steps onto the ice tonight, he will be playing his 100th career AJHL game as the Drayton Valley Thunder take on the Sherwood Park Crusaders at 7:30pm Feb 2, 2019. Prior to playing with the Thunder, our local product played a season with the OHA Edmonton Prep in 2015-2016 and prior to that, he played two seasons for the Okanagan Hockey Academy in 2013-2015. The three-year veteran has been a versatile asset for the Drayton Valley Thunder, suiting up as both a forward and a defenseman. Jeff will be off to new adventures entering a business program in September. Congratulations Jeff in making this milestone. We wish you success in your future endeavors wherever your schooling and skates may take you.