UPDATE: Golf Ball Drop Raffle

On September 29 the DV Thunder golf ball drop took place at the Drayton Valley Golf Course. The 3 balls closest to the pin were identified and the numbers announced. However 2 of the 3 balls closest to the pin were unsold balls and new balls were drawn. Since all 3000 balls were dropped but not all were sold, we had to consult with AGLC for clarification.
After a very thorough review and ticket audit by AGLC, we have our 3 Winners!!

First Prize for $6000.00 is ticket #50
Second Prize for $3000.00 is ticket #2346
Third Prize for $1000.00 is ticket #109.

Stay tuned – Our lucky winners will be announced shortly!
Thank you everyone for your patience and your support.
We appreciate it.
DV Thunder