Volunteers Needed Between Ice Events

8:00 pm Saturday March 9th- What is happening at that time? Friday's playoff match against the Bonnyville Pontiac will be played at its usual start up time but on Saturday, March 9th the fourth playoff game will start at 8:00. Why 8:00? There was an overlap in ice scheduling and with the anticipated crowd expected for both events, Omni-Two would have been too small for either users. So a mutual agreement was made between the Drayton Valley Thunder and the DV Figure Skating Carnival. Both organizations worked together to create an event-filled day starting with the figure skating carnival running from 3-5:30 followed by Thunder's 4th Playoff Game starting at 8:00. So make a day of it and take in both events.
But, in order for this to work, here is where Drayton Valley Thunder needs your help. Volunteers are needed to assist the DV Figure Skate Club and the Drayton Valley Thunder with the tear down of the curtains, props, and equipment at 5:30 immediately following the ice show so Omni-One is ready for Thunder's 7:30 warmup time. If you are available to help please call Andrea at 780-542-7845. Thank you.