Drayton Valley AGM Results for 2013-2014 Season

The Drayton Valley Thunder Annual General Meeting was held Tuesday, April 23 in the Omniplex. After a report of the past year's events given by 2012-2013 President Scott Carter, he introduced Thunder’s new Director of Sales/Marketing/Community Relations Ryan Plysuik.  Plysuik informed the crowd of his marketing background and future goals for the team. Next, Treasurer Desiree Grossman presented the financial statement to the attending audience. After the statement was discussed, elections were held to fill five vacancies.
The results of the election for 2013-2014 season were:

President: Scott Carter- one year (returning)
Vice-President: Steve McKort- one year (returning)
Secretary: Krista Colford- two years
Treasurer: Cindy Waronek-two years
Director/League Governor: Jack Beelby- one year (returning)
Director: Denise Habetler- one year (returning)
Director: Kyle Carnahan- two years
Director: Desiree Grossman-one year (returning)
Director: Jason Colford –two years
Director: BJ Ballas- two years
Town Representative: Mayor Moe Hamdon

The 2013-2014 Board of Directors are excited to get to work on making the next season even better than the last one. The new marketer Ryan Plysuik also expressed enthusiasm for the up-coming season and is well prepared with innovative ideas to assist in the team’s success. Local businesses and past season ticket holders (as well as new ones) can expect communication in the near future from Plysuik to discuss sponsorship opportunities and/or to purchase/renew season tickets for the 2013-2014 season. He will officially be in office May 6 and has plans to contact as many people/businesses as possible in his first two month on the job. If you interested in scheduling a meeting with the new marketer please either call Thunder President Scott Carter at 780-621-2510 or Ryan Plysuik on/after May 6 in the Thunder Office at 780-542-7845. If you wish to communicate with the marketer right away, he will be readily available by email: thunder@dvthunder.ca  Please do not hesitate to contact Ryan as he will respond immediately and gladly set up an appointment at your convenience.