Thunder’s Collection From Stuff The Bus

On December 13, 2014, Drayton Valley residents and businesses surpassed all of Thunder’s expectations in “Stuffing the Bus” with unwrapped toys in our efforts to lend a hand to our local Lion’s Club in their annual Santa’s Anonymous campaign. The “Pulling Together” motto has struck once again where Drayton Valley has given so generously in Thunder’s effort to help yet another local organization. Give yourselves a huge pat on your back. You have helped us in the past with various events such as Heart and Stroke Jersey Night , Fight Breast Cancer Jersey Night, Movember Jersey Night, Food Bank Drives to list a few, and you came through again this past weekend in Stuffing the Bus. We will continue to host such events but Thunder can’t do it without you so come on down to the Omniplex, enjoy some fast, action-packed hockey and hear the announcements detailing our next fundraising event. By supporting Thunder, in turn, you are supporting your local fundraising events. To give you a heads up, Thunder’s next endeavor is right around the corner with CT4DV Jersey night on January 17th with Paula Maciborsky facilitating the event. Paula will be collecting all cash donations on behalf of Thunder before, during and after the CT4DV jersey Night, as well as, collecting the amounts paid for the jerseys in the silent auction the night of the game. If you would like to give our CT4DV night a jump start, give Paula a call at 780-542-3765. She will gladly issue a tax receipt for all cash donations over $10. Or better yet, come on down to the Thunder games as Paula can also be found at every home game if you wish to give her a donation there. On top of supporting this CT4DV campaign, you will not want to miss the next two up-coming games. Not only can you give Paula a donation, you can reward yourself with the opportunity to win $20000.00 cash. Cash raffle tickets are still available this entire week. You can purchase Cash Raffle Tickets at the Thunder office 780-542-7845 or during the last two home games for this year: Thursday, December 18th and Saturday, December 20th. Some lucky winner will be going home with $20000.00 on the 20th just in time for Christmas. Will it be you????