Thunder Reveals New Jersey and Logo

New Thunder Logo Reveal: President Monte Waronek spoke to over 100 fans at the tailgate party:

Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen, Children, Students, Seniors and all fans of the Drayton Valley Thunder.
As you know this is the 21st year of the Drayton Valley Thunder. The first 5 years of the Thunder were very exciting, winning the South, then being moved to the North and winning it as well. After winning the province of Alberta, a precedence was set, setting high expectations from the fans. As new owners, we also have high expectations from the team.
This year we are rebranding. We have a new look and a new attitude. We hired Eric Thurston. A pedigree coach with several years of experience in developing culture and winning. We added Darren Reid as an assistant coach. Darren is a Thunder Alumni and was the Rookie of the year. He played in the WHL and the NHL. Recently we added a second assistant coach, Eric Schneider. Eric is an experienced player who played in the AHL and in Europe. Eric is also a home town boy.
We feel we have a great team of players for the upcoming year, with depth, youth and a winning culture – something that can’t be bought. We are looking forward to taking on our rivals – Whitecourt, Grande Prairie, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, Fort Mac & the rest of the AJHL.
To start the year, we are changing up our logo. Our dog has been our symbol, mascot and identity for 20 years. In dog years, that’s 140. In his early years he was a champion, but he is getting tired. Our dog has requested a release and is going to retire to greener pastures.
It is time to start our new year with a new look and a new attitude.
I would like to present to you our new emblem and uniform…..

Thor, the God of Thunder!
We would like to throw down the hammer (Mjolnir) to all nay sayers. We will prevail.
Drayton Valley Thunder – a team to be reckoned with!
Let the games begin!

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