Thunder looking for 3 gameday volunteers…

Volunteer Position:                 Game Day Dressing Room Attendant

Job Description:         
            Looking for a male volunteer (has to be male due to location of washer and dryer in dressing room) who can help after all home games. This includes but not limited too:

–          Laundry : boys under gear, game day jerseys, towels
–          Cleaning the dressing room after the game: moping

This person must be reliable and must either attend all home games or split the duties between a couple of people.

Must have no criminal record.

Note: This is more of a late night position as games finish around 9:30 so you will be needed for several hours post game, especially with back to back home games.


Volunteer Position:                 Game Day Rink Set Up

Job Description:
            Looking for a volunteer to set up the rink prior to game day. This includes but not limited too:
–          Setting up the home team bench
–          Providing referee room set up of towels and water
–          Providing away team ice and towels
–          Gathering ice for both benches
–          Gathering extra ice for home dressing room



Volunteer Position:                 Water Bottles/ Stick Helper

Job Description:

            Looking for someone to be in charge of filling up the water bottles on game day before, and during each game period. Also in charge of taking the sticks to the bench and aiding in anything needed during the game on the side of the bench. This should be a consistant position so someone that can be here all home games. It can be any age as long as they are reliable.


For more information, please contact Kristalee at