Thunder Has Many Blessings To Count

Thunder Blessings
1. Drayton Valley Thunder Junior Hockey Team: Drayton Valley is one of the 16 communities in all of Alberta (one of 142 communities across Canada) who are fortunate enough to own an Junior Hockey team. Let's hold on to this blessing tight because once it is gone, it is virtually impossible to get back.

2. Community Involvement: We are blessed to have Thunder players who take great pride in being as involved as much as possible in the Drayton Valley Community.  This involvement shows thanks from the players for the support the people in Drayton Valley give them while on the ice. Involvements include events such as Food Bank, Stuff the Bus, Minor Hockey, Reading Programs and many more events throughout the year.

3. Faithful Fans: Our Drayton Valley Thunder fans have stuck with Thunder through Thick and Thin since 1998. The thin times is when we have needed you the most. Thank you for hanging in there for us and cheering loud and proud at all times.

4. Dedicated Thunder Volunteers: This group has made many personal sacrifices game after game for the benefit of players and fans. The time you spend on Thunder is a blessing and does not go unnoticed. A million times Thank You.

5. Supportive Sponsors:  Thunder is so blessed to have such a devoted group of sponsors. Thunder would cease to exist if it wasn't for your generous sponsorship. You give financially year after year which must be difficult in these challenging times but you keep coming through for Thunder every season.

6. DV Thunder Staff: We are blessed to have this group who love hockey so much that they dedicate their entire life around hockey. Our Coaches (Mike Mueller, Ryan Allen, Jack Redlick), Athletic Therapist (Karyn Fanstone), and Marketer Manager (Nicole Duthie) work year round to bring quality hockey to our town. Thank you for the endless hours that you give for the team and community.

7. Board of Directors: Here's another group of committed volunteers we are blessed to have.  They give countless hours behind the scenes not just during hockey season but throughout the year. Many do not realize the effort you all give just to provide the entertainment we see on the ice during the season.  Please keep up the hard work. The Community, the Businesses, Hockey Fans and Players truly appreciate it.

8. Town of DV Staff– This is another group who take pride in assuring that the arena is ready to go for every home game and are also very supportive of our team. Thank you for all that you do for Thunder.

9. Parents of the Thunder Players: Thank you for entrusting your children with us. You have raised such fine young men. They are great ambassadors for the Town of Drayton Valley and great role models for our young ones. You must be so proud and know that we are proud as well.

10. Thunder Billet Families:  These families are unique blessing. They take strangers into their homes and instantly treat them as one of their own. You are a comfort to the Thunder parents to know that their sons are in such good hands when they are so far from their homes.

11. AJHL Staff: Many do not realize the work this small group does all year round in the name of Junior Hockey.  They give us top notch leadership to ensure that we operate as professionally as possible. Thank you to Ryan Bartoshyk and his crew for being there for us. We are blessed to have your guidance.

                                Each of you is truly a blessing to our Drayton Valley Thunder Organization.

          We wish each and every one of you the Best Christmas ever and hope the New Year is even better than the last.

                           Thank you and see you again when the season begins January 2nd and 3rd in Drayton Valley.