Tarno’s Third Time For Star

Drayton Valley Thunder's final game of the weekend was an intense game but again, it did not have the results that we wanted. In this 5-2 match, Thunder struggled to get the puck past Oiler's goalie #31 Jared D'Amico but when they did, it was sweet. Thunder's first goal took place half way through the third period when #28 Neil Tarnasky rushed the puck up the ice, fed it to #23 Doug Jones who flipped it back hand and stuffed it under the bar. This was Doug's second goal as a Thunder Dog. The second goal happened with 4 minutes left in the game. #25 Luke Madill set it up from the Thunder net, passing if off to #20 Nathan Smith who then turned it over to #21 Eric Sieben. Eric then walked right in and stuck it in for a second goal. At the end of it all, #28 Neil Tarnasky was the Away Star for the night. This is Neil's third time to get this honor in the last six games. Fantastic playing Neil. Keep up the good work.