New player profiles: Langley Kruggel


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Langley Kruggel
Age: 18
From: St. Albert
Played last season for: Edge School Prep (CSSHL)

Q: What sold you on the idea of playing in Drayton Valley?
A: I would definitely say the coaching because looking at Eric?s track record you can see he brings lots of success to the teams he coaches and after hearing great things about him and the organization from many people, I knew Drayton Valley would be the best place for my development.

Q: Favourite hockey memory
A: Winning the International PeeWee Quebec Tournament was one of my favourite hockey memories because the experience was really great and the amount of fans at the game was exciting.

Q: What excites you about the upcoming season?
A: I think playing for a new team and making the jump to the next level is exciting. Also, with the Covid outbreak cutting our season short it makes it even more exciting to jump back into competitive play.

Q: what?s your favorite pre-game Meal?
A: I like to eat any kind of chicken and pasta

Q: what?s your Favorite hockey team?
A: I would have to go with the Edmonton Oilers being that I?m from St. Albert so I grew up watching them a lot.

Q: Favourite player I play like?
A: I think I play like Ryan Suter because he is very strong defensively and is hard on pucks and also uses his skating ability to make quick outlet passes. He can also contribute on the offensive side and has great vision.

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