Madill and Daigle Share The Spotlight In Bonnyville

After watching the first two games of the first round of playoffs, there is no doubt that we are definitely in for some exciting hockey this weekend in Drayton Valley when Bonnyville Pontiacs come to town. Thunder's first game on Tuesday in Bonnyville was a close one. It was a nail biter all the way into the second overtime period.  The game started with the Pontiacs scoring two in the second period followed by a pair getting past Klein in the third by #20 Nathan Smith and #28 Neil Tarnasky. But in the middle of the second overtime period, a Bonnyville player was given an opportunity to shoot at the net and unfortunately for us, they scored making it 3-2. The Away star for this game was #25 Luke Madill for his outstanding performance in the back end. Congratulations for obtaining this honor and from listening to the Pontiac announcers, you were a big part of the post game summary for the second game as well.
After the second game, the announcers raved about the walls that our team possesses. They raved about #25 Luke Madill, #3 Austin Yadlowski and #4 Tyler Hart and their ability to shut the door on the Pontiac–not allowing the Pontiacs near the net. They raved about our goalies and were claiming they were some of the best in the province. They raved about our forwards. They spoke of one in particular saying how he was an offensive spark and said that when this kids gets his feet moving and starts to do what he does every game, he is hard to contain claiming he is an important element of Thunder's Power Play lineup. It was #20 Nathan Smith who they were referring to as they described the play that lead up to Thunder's second goal of the game. It started with #20 Eric Sieben who danced his way in and out of his opponents working the puck down the boards into the offensive side deep into Bonnyville's end. Eric then dropped it back quickly to Nathan who was ready out in front. Nathan then walked right through Bonnyville's defenseman and right around their goalie giving Thunder the cushion they so desired. The announcers also gave a honorable mention to #9 Brendan McKay for being able to track a bouncing puck in the first period. Once he got a hold of it he was already half way down the ice while others were still trying to find it. With a 2 on 1 breakaway, Brendan let it rip about the blue line earning him an unassisted goal as well as posting up the first goal of the game. The announcers went on to brag more about our goalies and how #1 Marc Olivier Daigle was another impenetrable wall like the men in front of him. The night before he faced 58 shots and in this game, another 28 claiming another shutout for his victory belt. Marc’s performance in net once again gave him the title of Away Star for game number two of the playoffs. So as you can see, from hearing some of the highlight that their announcers had to say, you can bet there is going to be more exciting playoff action starting tomorrow night at 7:30 in Drayton.  So now it is time for you to pull out your jersey, paint your hair green, pass the word and help us fill the arena to the rafters. See you there!