Honor Humboldt Strong

We are remembering the tragic event that happened to the Humbolt Broncos one year ago today on April 6th, 2018. For those who live on in our hearts and minds, and for those who live on and continue to heal, we think of you every day. A special remembrance will be for Parker Tobin who won the hearts of many when he played here with the Drayton Valley Thunder as well as Tyler Smith, who also played for Thunder and also won our hearts, a special wish in your journey of healing. We also wish you success in your acceptance at NAIT for Sports Broadcasting. We look forward to seeing you in action down the road.

Put a stick out, turn the light on, show some kindness today, reach out to someone hurting – honor Humboldt Strong.

We are all Humboldt Strong.


The Tobin Family – One Year Later Video

For My Angels: An Essay by Tyler Smith Video