Green/White Intrasquad played into OT

Running the show in the Green/White Intrasquad game last night was Thunder Alumni Assist Captain Dallen Hall on the bench for the white team and Scout Jason Lorenz with the green team while the Thunder coaches and other team scouts watched from overhead. The game was a close one all night long with White chalking up the first goal followed by young Jordan Taupert of Medicine Hat (Green team) who tied  it up before the end of the first. The score continued back and forth until the Brett Smyth (White team) tied the game with minutes left in the third. Then, shortly into the OT, any hope that Hall might have had about his team taking home bragging rights were dashed.  Braden Jakubowski sent a pass to a line mate who then tipped it  into the net to end the game 4-3 for the Green.

Now, that the Main Camp is offically out of the way, the Exhibition stretch begins. The first and only exhibition home game is scheduled for tomorrow night at 7:30 Friday August 22. Admission is FREE, but we do ask that fans bring an item for the food bank in lieu of admission. Following this exhibition game, Thunder will have six more on the road.

And ,for those who would like to get more involved with the team, please speak to Erin in the Thunder Office or call her at 780-542-7845.  We are still looking for volunteers throughout the season which starts Sept 13th. Even if you could volunteer for a few games it will definitely help us out! Some positions that we need  filled are: Score sheet Keeper, Stats Keeper, 50/50 and bartender.