Five! Do I Hear Six??

We now hear five….will we hear six??? Tomorrow night we could easily hear six…a winning streak of six is possible when our Drayton Valley Thunder take on the Whitecourt Wolverines at 7:30 in our arena. Last night Thunder won their fifth straight game against the Grande Prairie Storm who unfortunately for them, will be heading home at the end of the regular season.  So far this month, Thunder has come up against every team in the north who is listed above them in the standings and has won against each team including the second placed team in the Canadian Junior Hockey League. Tomorrow, Thunder will be taking on the Wolverines who are presently sitting in seventh position in the north and three points behind us. Regardless of win or loss, Thunder will be in the first round of playoffs but it still cannot be determined which team Thunder will be facing. Only the dates have been determined:
? Thursday, March 5
? Friday, March
? Sunday, March 8
? Monday, March 9
? Wednesday, March 11

As for last night’s game our Drayton Valley Thunder players went to town on Grande Prairie Storm with an 8-5 win. #28 Robert Cain did a solo act to get the party started in the first.  The second period Thunder continued to party on where #17 Trevor Poirier, #24 Matt McNeil and #19 Brayden Harris each popped one into the twine. Then the party slowed a bit due to three penalties where the Storm capitalized making the score 4-3 but “Cainer” came back with a shorty to finish the second period with a 5-3 lead.  In the third, there was some more dancing back and forth with Matt and Trevor knocking two more into the net followed by another from the Storm and another from Trevor again and then one more from the Storm finishing the night off.  And, if you were playing attention Matt and Robert both had the potential for the Home Star since they each scored twice but Trevor Poirier did one better. Fantastic evening boys and congrats to Trevor with his hat trick as well as his nomination for Home Star.
Speaking of stars and nominations, please remember to vote for your team favorite. You can  cast your ballot either by email or in person at the game. Voting will be closed at the end of tomorrow night’s game. See you there to help cheer on our Drayton Valley Thunder. GOOOOOO THUNDERRRR!!!!!!