Double Duty In The Community

Our Drayton Valley Thunder team was kept busy on October 18, 2012 as they split up into groups to help with two different events during the day.
The first event had about 20 players split into shifts where they gave a hand with the Boston Pizza staff and other volunteers such a Major Moe Hamdon. The goal was to raise funds for the Sign of Hope Campaign where a certain amount of the profit made on this day went towards this fundraiser.
The second event involved another group: #25 Luke Madill, #21 Eric Sieben and #18 Jordan Baillie. They were asked by Ms. Negraiff to attend her grade 8E Advisory class at HW Pickup Junior High School. The general focus of this class is about life, skills, careers, education, choices, and relations.  Ms. Negraiff and her class asked the players many related questions. The main focus of the questions was about how these three Thunder players (high school graduates) managed to keep a balance between education and hockey when they were in school as well as keeping a balance now between their post secondary education, personal life, and their hockey career. They also gave the students advice to have fun now but, at the same time, to make the most of their time while they are in school. Students who wanted to take their hockey as far as they could were also encouraged to continue with post secondary programs after they graduated from high school. They were told having a post secondary diploma or degree will allow them to fall back on their education should the hockey career end due to an injury or other unforeseen circumstances. This event ended with students asking for another visit as well as thank-you gifts being presented by three of the students.