Billet Families and Volunteers Needed

 Not only is Thunder in need of VOLUNTEERS for security, bartenders, score keepers, 50/50 sellers and other various positions for the upcoming season, we are also in need of a few more BILLET HOMES

The players are expected to arrive mid-August and could stay until the season ends with the team which hopefully takes us into May. Regular season will end February 28, 2014 for the Thunder and playoffs begins shortly after for all the successful teams in the top 7 positions of the north and south divisions. Playoffs begin in March and successful teams could play right up to and including the RBC Cup which is usually in May.Billet families play a vital role in the success of the Drayton Valley Thunder. Without them, our team would not be able to operate as most of the boys who play on the team are from out of town. Therefore, we welcome back our past billet families as well as are always looking for new billet families.
Billeting can be a very exciting and rewarding experience for all those willing to open up their homes to dedicated players of the Drayton Valley Thunder. Many families who have billeted in the past usually look back at their experience with fond memories. In fact, the majority still keep in contact with the players who lived with them as they move on in life, either through professional hockey or another career choice.
Whether you are new or a long time resident of Drayton Valley, billeting is a great way to meet people. You will become as involved with the hockey organization as you want to be.
Each billet family is paid a monthly amount of $330 per player to house the player in their home. You would be responsible to provide each boy with at least one well-balanced meal daily and have food available so they could cook the other meals themselves. Chores and rules around the house are usually discussed between each player and billet family. As well, each family is given season tickets and playoff tickets to watch and support your billeted player in action.
If billeting or volunteering is something you would be interested in please contact Erin in the Thunder office: (780) 542-7845 or email Krista Colford:
Either of these ladies would be more than happy to discuss the aspects of volunteering and/or billeting with you and hopefully welcome you to the Drayton Valley Thunder family.