Better Luck Today

Well I didn't get a chance to watch the game last night to really know what happened with this match but from the score it obviously wasn't good for Thunder. In the 5-2 loss against the Canmore Eagles, in Jack's Tweet, he said, “nothing going our way” and “Tanguay out with an injury” must kind of sum up why the game played out as it did. And, from other communications, it sounds like the flue has hit the team as well with a few of our players. Not good. Here's hoping a good night's sleep for the team will make for different results for the team today when they meet up at 4:15 against the Okotok Oilers. But, on the plus side, last night #11 Ross Heidt pumped one in the net and #24 Chandler Irvin followed suit when he relayed one from #26 Kaiden Tobin to chalk up the second goal for the team. Chandler also made the headlines as Away Star last night. Thumbs up Chandler!!! So for Thunder, better luck today in the 4:15 game today and keep those feet moving!!!